Luuk Kenselaar

Web Developer, Student, Gamer

Something about me

I am a Web Designer and Front-/Back-end Developer.

My name is Luuk Kenselaar, I am 17 years old and I live in Haarlem (The Netherlands).
Im currently studying Software and Media Development on Nova College. I chose this course because I am interested
in Programming and I wanted to learn how to code. At this course you learn how to program Applications using C# and how to
build websites using HTML + CSS + PHP. Later we are also gonna use Java and SQL/MySQL. This course isn't only programming,
you also learn how to work with different methods like the waterfall method or scrum. This course takes 3 years.
After I finish this course I would like to study Computer Science. In my freetime I mostly play games or code.
Im currently working at Vomar Voordeelmarkt as Merchandiser and baker, Im almost working 2 years at Vomar and I still like it.
I like to work with computers and I am interested in Hardware/Software.

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Things I am doing...

Front-/Back-end Coding

Application Development


Here you find (school) projects that I have done

  • School Project Haarlem (year 1)
  • This was our first project on school
    We had to create a website that shows a few museum's
    in Haarlem. We also took some pictures for the website.
    All photo's except the background has been taken by me.
    Finally we had to translate the website to English.
    The website isnt that nice, but it was a nice project.

  • School Scrum Project (year 1)
  • This was our first Scrum project on school
    This project was all about learning scrum
    We had to work in a group of 3 people and build a website.
    We chose to make a website for people that are new to disco music.
    We only had 3 days to build the website and build a small newsletter program
    It was a nice project but next time I would like to use source control.