Luuk Kenselaar

Web Developer, Student

Something about me

I am a Web Designer and Front-/Back-end Developer.

My name is Luuk Kenselaar, I am 17 years old and I live in Haarlem (The Netherlands).
Im currently studying Software and Media Development on Nova College. I chose this course because I am interested
in Programming and I wanted to learn how to code. At this course you learn how to program Applications using C# and how to
build websites using HTML + CSS + PHP. Later we are also gonna use Java and SQL/MySQL. This course isn't only programming,
you also learn how to work with different methods like the waterfall method or scrum. This course takes 3 years.
After I finish this course I would like to study Computer Science. In my freetime I mostly play games or code.
Im currently working at Vomar Voordeelmarkt as Merchandiser and baker, Im almost working 2 years at Vomar and I still like it.
I like to work with computers and I am interested in Hardware/Software.

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Things I am doing...

Front-/Back-end Coding

Application Development

Things I like to do

Work with various hardware